• Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element
  • Industrial air dust filter element

Industrial air dust filter element

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Product Details
Certification:ISO9001 Warranty:1 YEAR Weight:depend on dimension
Dimension(L*W*H):according to your requirements Condition:New Construction:Cartridge Filter
Packaging Details Standard exported packing or according to customer's requirements
Product Description

Product Description

The General specifications of filter cartridges are as follows: (325*660, 325*600, 325*705, 325*750, 350*660, 350*600, 350*705 350*900, 510*900, 408*660, 150*1000, 152*902, 350*1320, 178*2000) and so on. Drawings and samples can also be processed and produced according to customers'needs or samples.        All-through/one-end bottom sealing/installation of medium holes (10-17mm). The dust removal filter cartridges produced by our company adopt new technology and new technology. The filter materials are home-made, imported PS, PUS, PTFE polyester non-woven fabric, film-coated anti-static non-woven fabric, long-fiber filter paper, fiber composite material, metal filter mesh, glass fiber, chemical fiber non-woven filter material and synthetic fiber filter material. Glass fiber filter material, activated carbon filter material, imported cotton fiber, long fiber filter mat, Peng gum cotton and other materials as well as our company's specific research and development of special dust collector dust filter material, product filter material are processed by domestic advanced production technology, filter material has high filtering accuracy, strong tensile strength, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. It has strong force, uniform distribution and excellent filtration effect. Our company produces dust removal filter cartridge corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, pollution-absorbing ability, high filtering accuracy, strong adsorption, small blocking probability, high fire resistance. Strong moisture resistance, repeated cleaning, good sealing effect, strong tear resistance. Long service life and low price. Renewable products have been widely used in chemical production line, pharmaceutical production line, cigarette production line, glass production line, powder spraying coating line, powder spraying and sand blasting production line, shot blasting production line, cement production line, drill dust collector and various industrial dust removal. The filtering accuracy of the filter cartridge can reach 1 um, and the filtering efficiency can reach 99.99%. Specification 100-700, height 200-2000 range. Product Description: Suitable for powder spraying, sand blasting, pigment industry, wood processing filtration.  1. The imported long-fibre polyester filter materials and fibers are interlaced and evenly distributed.  2. It has good wear resistance and can withstand the pulse back-blowing of air flow better than the traditional filter material.  3. The filter material has good stiffness, and can be re-installed and used with low pressure water throat or detergent after cleaning and drying for many times.  4. The end cap and the central skeleton are galvanized parts, which are not rusty.  5. Sealed closed-cell elastic chloroprene rubber 6. Use temperature 93-135 C. . 7. Relative humidity 100%. Detailed Images

Filter Common Sense

Common problems of air filter element :1. What is wearing down the engine?Engine wear mainly includes corrosion wear, contact wear and abrasive wear. The results show that the abrasive wear of engine accounts for 60%-70% of the wear value. Engineering equipment usually works in very harsh environment. Without good filter protection, the cylinder and piston ring of the engine will wear out quickly. Therefore, if you want to improve the life of the engine, you must use air filter, fuel filter and oil filter to reduce the abrasive wear of the engine.2. What is the difference between pure air filter and inferior air filter in the function of equipment?Engines or equipments equipped with inferior air filters often have some phenomena such as poor startup, inadequate power, smoking and engine moulding in the process of use. The reason is that the filter media (filter paper) used in inferior air filters is inferior filter paper, and the manufacturing technology of filter element is not good, which makes the flow resistance of filter increase and the filtering efficiency increase. The reduction of the rate will affect the performance of the whole equipment. Compared with other similar products, the pure filter element has smaller intake resistance, higher filtration efficiency and larger ash capacity, which makes the equipment obtain the lowest fuel consumption and maximum power performance in the use process (especially in the harsh environment), and prolongs the service life of the engine.3. Buy more low-cost air filters, and increase the number of replacements to ensure the normal operation of the engine?Now some users and friends buy some cheap filters in the market to replace the original high-quality filters on their cars. They think that they can protect the engine if they spend the same money to buy a few more ordinary filters and replace them frequently. In fact, this is not worth it. Because the low-cost ordinary filter element is very poor in filtering effect, some even can not play a filtering role, and their service life is unpredictable, you do not know when to replace, and at the same time, a large number of magazines which will cause engine wear and tear are invading your engine. Not only can you not get the power support of the engine, but you will also spend a lot of money on maintenance.4. Air filter breakage and failure to replace in time, maintenance of air filter will cause engine damage?The incorrect installation of air filter element and failure to replace and maintain air filter element in time will cause serious damage to your engine. The result is: 1)Cylinder WearEarly wear of

 2)piston rings3) Insufficient power of equipment4) Increased maintenance costs5) Serious will greatly shorten the life of the engine, or even scrap.

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Packing and Delivery Packing : Carton Packing ,Wooden box or according to customer's requirements . Delivery: We can choose air shipment , ocean shipment and rail transport . Certificate&Service

Certifications: Passed ISO 9001 

Our Service: 1) Motor accessories 1 Year warranty .

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