• Floor Standing Direct Expansion Air Handling Unit With Condenser 30000-60000m3h
  • Floor Standing Direct Expansion Air Handling Unit With Condenser 30000-60000m3h

Floor Standing Direct Expansion Air Handling Unit With Condenser 30000-60000m3h

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Product Description

Air flow 30,000-60,000 m3h direct expansion Air Handling Units with condenser unit

Features of EK clean-room air handling unit EK clean-room air handling unit is specifically designed for clean rooms. It provides a built-in cooling and heating source, integrates air handling and automatic control functions, and has the following features: low investment, simple system, efficient running, and easy installation and maintenance.

■ The unit has a simple design and easy control, and is suitable for independent use.

■ The indoor unit can be directly mounted to the ceiling or in an attached room, not requiring a special air-conditioner room.

■ No chilled or cooling water system is required. The control is simple. The project can be completed phase by phase at a low construction cost.

■ The maintenance is simple. Maintenance of a single unit requires only the space of the clean room.

■ The unit can run at temperature ranging from -10°C to 48°C.

Applicable to scenarios with constant-temperature constant-humidity control requirements

This unit is equipped with high-quality DDC controllers, basic direct-expansion coils, a primary-efficient filter (G4) and a medium-efficient filter (F8), pressure difference display control, non-step electric heating, a high-quality proportional electrode humidifier, and smart EK air-conditioner control solution, meeting requirements of a constant-temperature project for different granularity temperature and humidity control.


Model Indoor unit EKDX300-75A/ EKDX300-75AR EKDX300-150A/ EKDX300-150AR EKDX400-200A/ EKDX400-200AR EKDX500-250A/ EKDX500-250AR EKDX600-300A/ EKDX600-300AR
Outd-oor unit 2xEKAA150AB/ 2xEKAA150ARB 4xEKAA150AB/ 4xEKAA150ARB 8xEKAA100AB/ 8xEKAA100ARB 8xEKAA125AB/ 8xEKAA125ARB 8xEKAA150AB/ 8xEKAA150ARB
Nominal cooling capacity (1) kW 75 150 200 250 300
Nominal heating capacity (1) kW 82.5 165 220 275 330
Nominal cooling capacity (2) kW 65 126 169 208 252
Nominal heating capacity (2) kW 71.5 138 186 228 276
Air flow m3/h 30000 30000 40000 50000 60000
EKDM air handling unit model corresponding to the external height and width   EKDM1312H EKDM1312H EKDM1022H EKDM1026H EKDM1324H
Refrigerant model   R22
Outer dimensions of indoor unit Length mm As per the number of function sections
Height mm 2130 2130 1650 1650 2130
Width mm 1970 1970 3620 4260 3940
Outer dimensions of outdoor unit (W × D × H) mm











Compressor of outdoor unit Model Fully hermetic volute
Outdoor unit weight kg 2x285 / 2x300 4x285 / 4x300 8x265 / 8x280 8x270 / 8x285 8x285 / 8x300
Power supply of outdoor unit   380V/3N~/50HZ
Cooling input power of outdoor unit kW 32.26 / 34.94 64.52 / 69.88 81.64 / 80.68 96.8 / 98.0 129.04 / 139.76
Heating input power of outdoor unit kW -- / 29.4 -- / 58.8 -- / 81.2 -- / 80 -- / 117.6
Connecting pipe specifications Liquid pip