• JB050CP0 Sealed Type Deep Groove Ball Thin Section Bearings
  • JB050CP0 Sealed Type Deep Groove Ball Thin Section Bearings

JB050CP0 Sealed Type Deep Groove Ball Thin Section Bearings

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  • BCM
  • China
  • 50 Piece / Pieces
  • T/T L/C PayPal Western Union
  • 10000 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • 7 days
  • Shanghai
Product Details
Outside Diameter:, Bore Size:,
Packaging Details seaworthy package
Product Description

Thin section bearings have high precision, low noise and strong load capacity. Most thin section are extremely small and square in cross section. Meanwhile, in their all series, the cross section remains the same even with larger shaft diameters and bearing bores. Therefore, these bearings are referred to as equal sections.

The equal-section thin-wall ball bearings consist of seven open series and five sealed series, with inner diameters ranging from 1 inch to 40 inches, and cross-section sizes ranging from 0.1875X0.1875 inches to 1.000X 1.000 inches. It has three types: deep groove ball type (C), angular contact type (E), four point contact type (X). Materials are copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

Thin section ball bearings are mainly used in: Robot, wind turbines, Aerospace and defense, Astronomy instrumentation, Optical scanning equipment, Food processing equipment, Glassworking equipment, Packaging equipment, Medical systems and medical devices, Tire making equipment, Machine tools, etc., which require high-precision and small space.

Feature1. compact structure, space and cost saving

2. high precision, high Load Capacity, Long working life3. low vibration, low friction and low noise4. Light weight


Open type angular contact ball thin section bearing Open type deep groove ball thin section bearingOpen type four point contact ball thin section bearingSealed type deep groove ball thin section bearingSealed type four point contact ball thin section bearing

Models list

(1)Open type angular contact ball thin section bearing KAA10AG0, KAA15AG0, KAA17AG0;

KA020AR0, KA025AR0, KA030AR0, KA035AR0, KA040AR0, KA042AR0, KA045AR0, KA047AR0, KA050AR0, KA055AR0, KA060AR0, KA065AR0, KA070AR0, KA075AR0, KA080AR0, KA090AR0, KA100AR0, KA110AR0, KA120AR0;

KB020AR0, KB025AR0, KB030AR0, KB035AR0, KB040AR0, KB042AR0, KB045AR0, KB047AR0, KB050AR0, KB055AR0, KB060AR0, KB065AR0, KB070AR0, KB075AR0, KB080AR0, KB090AR0, KB100AR0, KB110AR0, KB120AR0, KB140AR0, KB160AR0, KB180AR0, KB200AR0;

KC040AR0, KC042AR0, KC045AR0, KC047AR0, KC050AR0, KC055AR0, KC060AR0, KC065AR0, KC070AR0, KC075AR0, KC080AR0, KC090AR0, KC100AR0, KC110AR0, KC120AR0, KC140AR0, KC160AR0, KC180AR0, KC200AR0, KC250AR0, KC300AR0;

KD040AR0, KD042AR0, KD045AR0, KD047AR0, KD050AR0, KD055AR0, KD060AR0, KD065AR0, KD070AR0, KD075AR0, KD080AR0, KD090AR0, KD100AR0, KD110AR0, KD120AR0, KD140AR0, KD160AR0, KD180AR0, KD200AR0, KD210AR0, KD250AR0, KD300AR0;

KF040AR0, KF042AR0, KF045AR0, KF047AR0, KF050AR0, KF055AR0, KF060AR0, KF065AR0, KF070AR0, KF075AR0, KF080AR0, KF090AR0, KF100AR0, KF110AR0, KF120AR0, KF140AR0, KF160AR0, KF180AR0, KF200AR0, KF250AR0, KF300AR0, KF350AR0, KF400AR0;

KG040AR0, KG042AR0, KG045AR0, KG047AR0, KG050AR0, KG055AR0, KG060AR0, KG065AR0, KG070AR0, KG075AR0, KG080AR0, KG090AR0, KG100AR0, KG110AR0, KG120AR0, KG140AR0, KG160AR0, KG180AR0, KG200AR0, KG220AR0, KG250AR0, KG300AR0, KG350AR0, KG400AR0.

(2)Open type deep groove ball thin section bearing

KAA10CL0, KAA15CL0, KAA17CL0;KA020CP0, KA025CP0, KA030CP0, KA035CP0, KA040CP0, KA042CP0, KA045CP0, KA047CP0, KA050CP0, KA055CP0, KA060CP0, KA065CP0, KA070CP0, KA075CP0, KA080CP0, KA090CP0, KA100CP0, KA110CP0, KA120CP0;KB020CP0, KB025CP0, KB030CP0, KB035CP0, KB040CP0, KB042CP0, KB045CP0, KB047CP0, KB050CP0, KB055CP0, KB060CP0, KB065CP0, KB070CP0, KB075CP0, KB080CP0, KB090CP0, KB100CP0, KB110CP0, KB120CP0, KB140CP0, KB160CP0, KB180CP0, KB200CP0;KC040CP0, KC042CP0, KC045CP0, KC047CP0, KC050CP0, KC055CP0, KC060CP0, KC065CP0, KC070CP0, KC075CP0, KC080CP0, KC090CP0, KC100CP0, KC110CP0, KC120CP0, KC140CP0, KC160CP0, KC180CP0, KC200CP0, KC250CP0, KC300CP0;KD040CP0, KD042CP0, KD045CP0, KD047CP0, KD050CP0, KD055CP0, KD060CP0, KD065CP0, KD070CP0, KD075CP0, KD080CP0, KD090CP0, KD100CP0, KD110CP0, KD120CP0, KD140CP0, KD160CP0, KD180CP0, KD200CP0, KD210CP0, KD250CP0, KD300CP0;KF040CP0, KF042CP0, KF045CP0, KF047CP0, KF050CP0, KF055CP0, KF060CP0, KF065CP0, KF070CP0, KF075CP0, KF080CP0, KF090CP0, KF100CP0, KF110CP0, KF120CP0, KF140CP0, KF160CP0, KF180CP0, KF200CP0, KF250CP0, KF300CP0, KF350CP0, KF400CP0;KG040CP0, KG042CP0, KG045CP0, KG047CP0, KG050CP0, KG055CP0, KG060CP0, KG065CP0, KG070CP0, KG075CP0, KG080CP0, KG090CP0, KG100CP0, KG110CP0, KG120CP0, KG140CP0, KG160CP0, KG180CP0, KG200CP0, KG220CP0, KG250CP0, KG300CP0, KG350CP0, KG400CP0.

3Open type four point contact ball thin section bearingKAA10XL0, KAA15XL0, KAA17XL0;

KA020XP0, KA025XP0, KA030XP0, KA035XP0, KA040XP0, KA042XP0, KA045XP0, KA047XP0, KA050XP0, KA055XP0, KA060XP0, KA065XP0, KA070XP0, KA075XP0, KA080XP0, KA090XP0, KA100XP0, KA110XP0, KA120XP0;

KB020XP0, KB025XP0, KB030XP0, KB035XP0, KB040XP0, KB042XP0, KB045XP0, KB047XP0, KB050XP0, KB055XP0, KB060XP0, KB065XP0, KB070XP0, KB075XP0, KB080XP0, KB090XP0, KB100XP0, KB110XP0, KB120XP0, KB140XP0, KB160XP0, KB180XP0, KB200XP0;

KC040XP0, KC042XP0, KC045XP0, KC047XP0, KC050XP0, KC055XP0, KC060XP0, KC065XP0, KC070XP0, KC075XP0, KC080XP0, KC090XP0, KC100XP0, KC110XP0, KC120XP0, KC140XP0, KC160XP0, KC180XP0, KC200XP0, KC250XP0, KC300XP0;

KD040XP0, KD042XP0, KD045XP0, KD047XP0, KD050XP0, KD055XP0, KD060XP0, KD065XP0, KD070XP0, KD075XP0, KD080XP0, KD090XP0, KD100XP0, KD110XP0, KD120XP0, KD140XP0, KD160XP0, KD180XP0, KD200XP0, KD210XP0, KD250XP0, KD300XP0;

KF040XP0, KF042XP0, KF045XP0, KF047XP0, KF050XP0, KF055XP0, KF060XP0, KF065XP0, KF070XP0, KF075XP0, KF080XP0, KF090XP0, KF100XP0, KF110XP0, KF120XP0, KF140XP0, KF160XP0, KF180XP0, KF200XP0, KF250XP0, KF300XP0, KF350XP0, KF400XP0;

KG040XP0, KG042XP0, KG045XP0, KG047XP0, KG050XP0, KG055XP0, KG060XP0, KG065XP0, KG070XP0, KG075XP0, KG080XP0, KG090XP0, KG100XP0, KG110XP0, KG120XP0, KG140XP0, KG160XP0, KG180XP0, KG200XP0, KG220XP0, KG250XP0, KG300XP0, KG350XP0, KG400XP0.

4Sealed type deep groove ball thin section bearing

JHA10CL0, JHA15CL0, JHA17CL0;JA020CP0, JA025CP0, JA030CP0, JA035CP0, JA040CP0, JA042CP0, JA045CP0, JA047CP0, JA050CP0, JA055CP0, JA060CP0, JA065CP0;JB020CP0, JB025CP0, JB030CP0, JB035CP0, JB040CP0, JB042CP0, JB045CP0, JB047CP0, JB050CP0, JB055CP0, JB060CP0, JB065CP0;JU040CP0, JU042CP0, JU045CP0, JU047CP0, JU050CP0, JU055CP0, JU060CP0, JU065CP0, JU070CP0, JU075CP0, JU080CP0, JU090CP0, JU100CP0, JU110CP0, JU120CP0;JG070CP0, JG075CP0, JG080CP0, JG090CP0, JG100CP0, JG110CP0, JG120CP0, JG140CP0, JG160CP0, JG180CP0, JG200CP0, JG220CP0, JG250CP0, JG300CP0, JG350CP0, JG400CP0.

5Sealed type four point contact ball thin section bearing


JA020XP0, JA025XP0, JA030XP0, JA035XP0, JA040XP0, JA042XP0, JA045XP0, JA047XP0, JA050XP0, JA055XP0, JA060XP0, JA065XP0;

JB020XP0, JB025XP0, JB030XP0, JB035XP0, JB040XP0, JB042XP0, JB045XP0, JB047XP0, JB050XP0, JB055XP0, JB060XP0, JB065XP0;

JU040XP0, JU042XP0, JU045XP0, JU047XP0, JU050XP0, JU055XP0, JU060XP0, JU065XP0, JU070XP0, JU075XP0, JU080XP0, JU090XP0, JU100XP0, JU110XP0, JU120XP0;

JG070XP0, JG075XP0, JG080XP0, JG090XP0, JG100XP0, JG110XP0, JG120XP0, JG140XP0, JG160XP0, JG180XP0, JG200XP0, JG220XP0, JG250XP0, JG300XP0, JG350XP0, JG400XP0.



wind turbines

Aerospace and defense

Astronomy instrumentation

Optical scanning equipment

Food processing equipment

Glassworking equipment

Packaging equipment

Medical systems and medical devices

Tire making equipment

Machine tools

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