• Neoprene Bridge Bearings Manufacturer
  • Neoprene Bridge Bearings Manufacturer

Neoprene Bridge Bearings Manufacturer

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Product Details
Bore Size:0, 5000 Outside Diameter:0, 10000 Precision Rating:Perfect
Seals Type:Steel or Wood Boxes and Weave Bags.
Packaging Details 1. Packaged with beautiful weave bags.
Product Description


Almost every highway and bridge in China is using our Neoprene Bearings.

We can produce various specifications of Neoprene Bearings according to the customers' requirements.

Description of Neoprene Bridge Bearings   

Neoprene Bridge Bearings generally consists or interleaving layers of rubber bonded sandwich fashion to steel plates. The whole unit is covered with rubber to afford weather protection.A bridge basically consists of bridge deck supported by piers. In order to avoid over stressing and damage by movements of vehicle and loading to the piers, Elastomeric laminated bridge bearings are used to accommodate these movements so as to reduce the reaction forces and bending movement to within the safety limits of structure. Natural Rubber is an ideal engineering material for bridge bearings as it is highly elastic and sufficiently soft to accommodate these movements without transmitting harmful stress and also it can absorb and isolate energies from impacts and vibrations.

  Tetrafluoro plate  Bearings not only has fine technical performances, but also has simple structure, low price, nomaintenance, easy to change, buffering and shock is isolating, low building height, and other characteristics. Therefore, rubber bridge bearing is welcomed and widely used in bridges.

Aplication of Neoprene Bridge Bearings  

 1. Neoprene Bridge Bearings suits to bridges with span less than 30m and small displacement. Different flat shape suits to different bridge span structures: orthogonal bridges adopt rectangular bearing; curvilinear bridges, obique crossing bridges and cylindrical pier bridges adopt circular bearing.

2. Tetrafluoro Neoprene Bridge Bearings suits to bridges with large span, several spans in continuous, with simply supported beam and continuous plates strutures, and large displacement. It can still be used as the sliding block in pushing of continuous beam and cross sliding of T-shaped beam. The application of rectangular and circular tetrafloro Elastomeric Laminated Bearings are the same with rectangular and circular general Bridge Bearing ,separately.

Classification and representation methods of Neoprene Bridge Bearings  

(1) Classification as shapes of bridge elastomeric bearings 

     a.Rectangular bridge elastomeric bearings

     b.Circular bridge elastomeric bearings

(2) Classification as applicable temperature of adhesive varieties of bridge elastomeric bearings

     a.Neoprene bearing(applicable temperature -25~60°C)

     b.NR bearing (applicable temperature -35~60°C)

     c.EPDM bearing (applicable temperature -40~60°C )

(3) Classification as structure style of neoprene bearing

     a.General plate type neoprener bearing

     b.Tetrafluoro sliding plate type neoprene bearing

The operating principle of Neoprene Bridge Bearings

The main function of Neoprene bridge bearing is reliably transfer the counterforce on the upper structures to pier platform, and meet the need deformation of beam body ( horizontal displacement and rotation). It has sufficient vertical rigidity so that can guarantee the lesser deformation of bearing in the effect of maximum vertical load. It has fine elasticity at horizontal direction, and can adapt the horizontal displacement due to the effects of braking force, temperature, contraction of concrete, creep and load, and at the same time, it can adapt the rotation of beam end. 

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